Classic Snowman v1

DesignedDec 2020
Crease PatternYes

This is a different kind of snowman from my Happy Snowman model. This time, I wanted to design a classic snowman. Classic in the US, at least. While looking up existing origami snowmen, I came across Jo Nakashima's design and his comment that in Japan snowmen are usually made with 2 snowballs.

For this model, I tried to keep the structure simple and still include the details I wanted (two eyes, a long nose, a hat, two arms, a long scarf, and 3 snowballs high, all color-changed). I came up with the nose and arm structures first, then grafted enough paper to connect the two and form the rest of the body. I knew from the beginning that I wanted the nose and most of the scarf to be formed from the center of the paper instead of the edges. Doing so increased the efficiency of the model, and relatively little paper is wasted.

I like this current design, especially the easy to find reference points, but I would change a few things in a future version. I would make the nose and arms longer, increase the hat size, minimize the appearance of a split in the face, and maybe add a smile.