Goku v1

DesignedSep 2015
Crease PatternYes
InspirationReference - Goku v1

The two-colored appearance results purely from origami folding techniques that take advantage of a single square of paper (solid orange on one side, solid blue on the other). Absolutely no cutting and pasting little bits of paper for this model! The color changes were challenging to figure out, but I got most of the basic elements (e.g. dark belt and boots) in, except for the wristbands.

The paper was prepared by gluing two sheets of tissue paper together. This is my first time preparing and folding with double tissue paper, and I quite like it. It's thin, large, holds folds well, comes in many colors (including the right colors for Goku), and is cheaply available.

While designing this model, I prioritized an accurate and clean body shape (e.g. triangular upper body, thin neck) and accurately colored regions (e.g. dark belt and shoes against the clothes). I'm quite happy with the current result, as I managed to hit these points.

I like the folded base that I came up with for this subject - I think that it can become a generic human base that I can work with to design more origami models.