Multi-Level Box v2 (4 Units)

DesignedMay 2020
Crease PatternYes

The model is based on a 17x33 grid, but with spacing at certain parts to accommodate the thickness of real paper. For this fold, the grid square side length is 1 inch, while the spacing is 1/8 of an inch. This paper was really springy, and required tape to hold down the flaps. Tape should be unnecessary with crisper paper.

Like in Multi-Level Box v1, the box units in v2 can be repeated vertically and horizontally in a tessellation. However, the v2 box units and level shifting are slightly more efficient than in v1. The closing method (a twist close) for v2 is also cleaner, and should be very familiar to frequent origami box folders.

When folding this model, I recommend first precreasing everything, then collapsing the level shifts, before collapsing the actual box units. The entire box can be flattened, but the crease pattern is for the 3D form.