TIM the Beaver v1

(MIT's Mascot)

DesignedDec 2010
Crease PatternYes
InspirationReference - TIM the Beaver v1

This TIM the Beaver v1 model holds the distinction of being the second origami model that I have ever designed. During the early days of my origami design experience, I tended to jump straight into playing with paper to design a model, instead of drawing it out first. As a result, although the design included key features (buck teeth face, tail, arms, legs) that made it resemble TIM, MIT's mascot, I was still dissatisfied with the inefficient use of paper that made it tedious to fold. I knew that I would want to revisit this design one day, after my design skills had improved, to make the design more efficient and fun to fold.

The paper was prepared by using adhesive spray to glue two different colored sheets of paper together to get one double sided sheet. At that time, I was new to not only origami design, but to paper selection and preparation as well. The brown paper I chose and bought from my local art store contained small leaf bits that, although pretty to look at, got in the way of folding small details. The color of the brown paper also faded over time. The adhesive spray did not keep the white and brown paper glued together, and I had to use methyl cellulose to recombine the two sheets at the edges as I folded.

This model won the Best MIT Themed Model and Best Original Design awards in OrigaMIT's 10th Annual Competition in 2011.

UPDATE: As of May 2014, TIM the Beaver v2 has been born! Read more about the model here.