Heart in a House (Freestanding) v3

(Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home - 2020 pandemic)

DesignedMay 2020
Crease PatternYes

Considering how simple this model looks, folding it is rather tricky. The model locks (somewhat loosely) together in the back and holds together best with crisp paper. Unlike v1 and v2, which are more flexible, this v3 model requires precise proportions to produce the color change on the back.

I was inspired to design this house after seeing a picture of Kawamura Miyuki's cute house model. Although I was unsure of the actual structure of her house model, I assumed it was from 2 squares. Therefore, I wanted to make a similar-looking house model from one sheet of paper but with a heart added to the front to achieve the heart+house theme collected by Sara Adams.

I'm pretty happy with the color changes and efficiency of this v3 model, although it is much easier to fold my v1 model and put another sheet of paper on top for the roof.