Awareness Ribbon Angel v1

(Designed in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and dedicated to my aunt)

DesignedOct 2012
Crease PatternYes

I was inspired to design this Awareness Ribbon Angel v1 model after my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. I rushed to finish the final folded version before October ended that year and share the design with others in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I regret not showing her this model before she passed away. Using different paper colors, this model could represent other awareness causes.

The paper was prepared by gluing one sheet of pink unryu paper and one sheet of white unryu paper to form one double-sided sheet. The two-colored appearance of the model comes solely from color change techniques utilizing double-sided paper. This model was the first one I designed after I finally understood the box-pleating design technique (credit to Wensdy Whitehead's shovel-folding demonstrations).

This model won First Place in the category of Best Composition in OrigaMIT's 12th Annual Competition in 2013.

I designed a simpler version of this model in 2015.