15 Minutes of Origami Fame

Sep 2022: Third Origami World Marathon (OWM3)

I taught one of my models during this online event. The event's recordings will be sold on origami-shop.com for a limited time.

2022 OWM3 2022 OWM3

Oct 2021: OrigamiUSA World Origami Days

During OrigamiUSA's 19-day online event, a different teacher taught a different origami model daily. I was one of the 19 teachers. All class recordings can be purchased for a limited time after the event.

2021 WOD

Aug 2021: Second Origami World Marathon (OWM2)

I was one of 48 origami designers invited to teach their original origami models for the 100% online event. Instructional videos for all of the models taught during the event remain available for purchase on the origami-shop.com website for a limited time.

2021 OWM2 2021 OWM2
Thanks to Guy Binyamin for folding my Teddy Bear v3 model for the posters.

Aug 2021: Teaching at the 2021 Wuzhen Wucun (China) Origami Convention (Virtual Part)

I was one of the invited teachers for the planned virtual half of the 2021 Wuzhen Wucun Origami Convention. The teachers taught from many different countries. The second half was initially intended to be offline but was later changed to online.

2021 Wuzhen Wucun (China) Origami Convention 2021 Wuzhen Wucun (China) Origami Convention

Oct 2020: Teaching at the AEP Online Convention

I taught one of my models at AEP's (Asociación Española de Papiroflexia) online convention. The convention was supposed to be held in person, but the organizers quickly adapted to the changing circumstances and hosted a wonderful event online.

2020 AEP Online Convention 2020 AEP Online Convention

Nov 2019: 9th Annual OrigaMIT Convention Special Guest

I was honored to be one of the special guests for the 2019 OrigaMIT convention, alongside Artur Biernacki.

2016 EMOZ Exhibition
2019 OrigaMIT Convention Shirt, drawn by me, featuring models by me and Artur Biernacki.

Dec 2016: "Mujeres de Papel" Exhibition at the EMOZ Museum

In 2016, I submitted a few models (Great Dome v1.1, Awareness Ribbon Angel v2, Kokeshi Doll v2) to the "Mujeres de Papel" exhibition at the EMOZ museum in Zaragoza, Spain.

From their Facebook page: '"Mujeres de Papel" is an exhibition of origami artwork, it is intended as a tribute to femininity, exploring the women's presence in the origami world.'

2016 EMOZ Exhibition

Aug 2016: 22nd Origami Tanteidan Convention Special Guest

In 2016, I was honored to be one of the special guests for the 22nd Origami Tanteidan Convention in Tokyo via the Yoshino Issei Fund.

2016 Tanteidan Guests

Oct 2014: Boston Globe Covers OrigaMIT's 4th Annual Convention

The Boston Globe wrote a nice article about OrigaMIT's 4th annual origami convention.

Michelle Fung lent her expertise to Graham Stearns (left) and Cole Eppling as they created yellow jackets at OrigaMIT.
In a three-hour complex morning class taught by Michelle Fung, the seven students folding Fung’s original design, "Rocky the Yellowjacket," were between 10 and 17 years old.
Fung teaches many "young, enthusiastic folders," she said. "A lot of them could give adults a run for their money."
2014 Boston Globe
Photo by Wendy Maeda of the Boston Globe

Mar 2013: MIT News Interviews OrigaMIT

Video of OrigaMIT's interview with the MIT News Office.

2013 MIT News 2013 MIT News

Mar 2012: OrigaMIT's Exhibit at the Fuller Craft Museum

Mention in the BostInno of OrigaMIT's exhibit at the Fuller Craft Museum. Members of OrigaMIT also visited the museum to see the exhibit.

From a grinning “Tim the Beaver” by junior Michelle Fung to “Green Waterfall” by Martin Demaine, an artist-in-residence at MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and his son Erik Demaine, a professor of computer science, there’s a wide range of subjects the club’s explored through folded paper.
2012 OrigaMIT
Photo by OrigaMIT

Mar 2011: MIT Tech Mentions OrigaMIT's 10th Annual Origami Competition

Photo of my TIM the Beaver v1 origami model in The Tech, MIT's newspaper.

Works of origami art submitted to the 10th Annual OrigaMIT Student Origami Competition are now on display in the Weisner Student Art Gallery in W20. Shown here is Tim the Beaver, designed and folded by Michelle Fung '13.
2011 MIT Tech
Photo by Melissa Renee Schumacher of the MIT Tech

Feb 2011: Boston Globe Interviews OrigaMIT

Article and video from OrigaMIT's interview with the Boston Globe.

Sitting at the same table as Ku and Chen, MIT sophomore Michelle Fung gave her own demonstration of high-level origami, folding an original design of hers: a buck-toothed beaver that pays homage to the MIT mascot. In high school, Fung said, she’d grown bored with basic origami. But when she met club members and saw what they were capable of, her interest got rekindled. Big time.
"The idea that I can make my own origami, as opposed to folding what everyone else does, is really exciting," said Fung. Most of the highly skilled MIT folders are guys", she added with a smile, "but we’re trying to change that."
2011 Boston Globe