Rabbit v1

DesignedDec 2022
Crease PatternNo

The dress variation is visually similar to my Cross Mouth Rabbit v1 model, and the placement of features (e.g., eyes from near opposite corners) is mostly the same. However, the crease patterns are very different, and this model is more efficient than Cross Mouth Rabbit v1. The ears are my favorite part of this model.

This model evolved quite a bit from my initial fold. In addition to redistributing the head paper to spread out the bulk, the final form features a more detailed face than the first iteration. The paper allocation that I thought was barely sufficient for the eyes was enough to add an improved nose, a mouth, and overlapping chin layers.

Rabbit v1's structure has been surprisingly versatile for producing new variations. My favorite is the ribbon variation, designed to match my Teddy Bear v3 model. I also created other derivative models. I hope to use Rabbit v1's structure to produce new variations for Teddy Bear v3 or create a new teddy bear model.

For now, I am satisfied with this model. One flaw I would like to address in the future is the imperfect color change on the lower inner parts of the eyes - a bit of color/space peeks through from behind.