Teddy Bear v3

DesignedFeb 2021
Crease PatternYes

I occasionally redesign my old models, and this model is another addition to my origami teddy bear collection. V3 is a different style of cute from Teddy Bear v1. V1 had a lot of unused paper in the head, which resulted in a small body. In v3, the head and body sizes are more balanced. Also, by eliminating the ability to form a bow on the ear and using a new structure for the entire model, v3 uses paper more efficiently than v1. (V1 and v3 can be directly compared because they include similar details, e.g., ribbon bow on the neck and color changed feet, while Teddy Bear v2 has additional clothing.)

My favorite feature of this version is the bow since it looks good and uses a minimal amount of paper compared to other ribbons I've incorporated into my models.

For this model, I was inspired by Chen Xiao's/@__ObeLisK on Twitter's teddy bear model. I was inspired by the color-changed features he incorporated and their arrangement on paper. My model's nose, stomach, etc., placement is roughly similar to his model. However, I went in a different direction regarding final appearance and structure.

When designing color-changed origami models, small decisions regarding appearance can majorly impact the ease of design and implementation of those features in the model. For instance, if I had chosen to make the mouth area the same color as the face and the nose the contrasting color instead of how it is now, I would have either needed to allocate more paper to that area or come up with a more complicated structure. Now, a small corner seamlessly and efficiently forms the connected eyes and mouth by going with the current contrasting mouth and a nose the same color as the face.

I am pleased with the design of this model. I think v3 has a good balance of cute appearance, foldability, and efficiency.