Rabbit Head v4

DesignedFeb 2021
Crease PatternYes

The ears for this model are the same as those in Rabbit Head v3, but the visual style is more like that of Rabbit Head v2. However, unlike v3, this model has both a mouth and a big bow.

This model has a more complex folding sequence than v3 and a more complex crease pattern than v2 but requires fewer inside-out maneuvers to attain color change than v2. Overall, I am mostly satisfied with the final appearance. One remaining issue is that the split down the middle of the face is more visible than in v2 and v3 without a big prominent nose to hold the layers down.

I coincidentally designed this version almost precisely ten years after designing Rabbit Head v1. These four versions illustrate the changes in my design style over time as I've sought to create more efficient, precise, flat-foldable (and cute!) models.