Rabbit Head v1

DesignedFeb 2011
Crease PatternYes

After designing my TIM the Beaver face and full-body models, I wanted to see what new models I could create next. So I looked into how I could derive a new design using my TIM the Beaver face model as a starting point, and this rabbit head model was the result.

My approach in creating this model was to take my existing TIM model and allocate more paper along the edges for new features so that the TIM the Beaver face base uses a quarter of a new square of paper. It became a rabbit head since I always thought that TIM's face could easily be modified into a cartoon rabbit's face. The bow came about as I was trying to decide what to do with the extra paper after grafting the TIM the Beaver face base and allocating enough for the long ears.

This model was Runner Up in the Best Original (Representational) Design category in OrigaMIT's 12th Annual Competition in 2013.