Rabbit Head v2

DesignedMay 2016
Crease PatternYes

I redesigned my first rabbit head model (Rabbit Head v1). The first version looked fine, but the design was inelegant and required many approximate, high-stress folds after collapsing the base to form the big bow. The new version uses an entirely new base that allows the eyes to be spaced farther apart and the bow to be a different color from the face. Overall, I think this new version has more balanced proportions and is much cuter.

As for the design process, I used the same bow design as the one from Short-Haired Person (Face) v2. The bow, a small bird base, was grafted onto a large bird base. I thought a bird base (4 long flaps) would be the most appropriate for a rabbit face. One flap can form face details, and two flaps can form two long ears. I used additional flaps resulting from the grafting to produce the large eyes.