Teddy Bear v2

DesignedMay 2019
Crease PatternYes

I designed this model by grafting paper onto my Teddy Bear v1 model. More specifically, I added to the two sides and bottom of v1's crease pattern and moved some features (such as the eyes) up. Doing this left more paper at the bottom to create a full-sized body that is proportional to the head and has a properly color-changed backside. The nose utilizes the previously unused paper near the center so that both top corners are free to form details around the ear. The ears themselves are now shaped differently via a process involving multiple sink folds. This shaping is more complicated than the previous method of only folding the ear paper backward, but the new result is neater.

I created two variations using this teddy bear head placement: a bride and groom pair. The bodies are shaped differently for both but use the same paper allocation.

My favorite part of the bride variation is the veil. Although it is too small to see from the front, I like the veil placement with the connected bow and how the veil layer can be lifted a bit. The neck detail is supposed to be a necklace.

My biggest priority for the groom was to display a color-changed bow, shirt, and suit combination. I think the groom model achieves that quite well. If I were to update it again, I would add shoes, feet, or leg cuffs, but it looks fine enough without those.

I designed this model to be a gift. If given as a gift, I recommend gluing down the layers to add rigidity and prevent the layers from popping up over time.