Ballerina v1

DesignedApr 2019
Crease PatternYes

The main features lie on an 18x18 grid. I allocated paper using circle/river packing (circles for the legs/arms/head and rivers for the torso/tutu) but used a box-pleated base. I know some other ballerina models have similar layouts. I also wanted to keep the model simple, smoothly transition between the wide tutu and narrow torso/legs, and add color changes. Thus 18x18 instead of 16x16 - the end columns flip out for easy color reversal. In addition, this model was an experiment in adding 22.5-degree angles to a box-pleated base to aid with color changes and give the model a more natural shape.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the color changes in this model. The parts that I would like to improve include reducing the neck twist's bulkiness, reducing the paper stress around the chest area, adding more details to the upper torso and head, and simplifying the model. The most fun part of the folding process is collapsing the tutu.