Panda v2

DesignedMay 2021
Crease PatternYes

I designed my first panda model (Panda v1) by modifying my Teddy Bear v1 model. Similarly, I changed my Teddy Bear v3 model to design Panda v2. As a result, Panda v2 shares many reference points with Teddy Bear v3.

To transform Teddy Bear v3 into Panda v2, I extended the bear's bow loops into arms, adjusted the bear's legs into short stumps, and folded the lower paper corner back to form a tail. In addition, I changed the general form and shaping of the bear, especially for the head. I intentionally tried to create a panda that could form different poses as I made these changes.

I prefer the new Panda v2 over the old v1. V2 has thinner layers, uses paper more efficiently, is more posable, and has a more straightforward folding sequence. The appearance is cuter, too (in my opinion).

One thing to know is that panda tails are white. I mistakenly folded them black in some photos but corrected them to white later.