Cat-O'-Lantern v1

(formerly Cat in Jack-O'-Lantern v1)

DesignedOct 2021
Crease PatternYes

One of the first things I decide when designing color-changed origami is how the paper will be oriented. There are usually multiple possibilities, but not all are equally efficient, and it may take some experimentation to find the optimal approach. In this model, the darker side faces the front, the lighter side wraps around in the jack-o'-lantern half, and there is an axis of symmetry along one diagonal of the paper. This model's final orientation was influenced by my reuse of the bottom half of the jack-o'-lantern from my Big-Eared Jack-O'-Lantern v1 model. Deciding to reuse part of an old model in this new model shortened my experimentation process.

I had fun creating different faces from the same base for this model. Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this model looks, though the jack-o'-lantern layers would ideally be locked down more.