Kokeshi Doll v4

(A type of Japanese doll)

DesignedApr 2020
Crease PatternYes

This model should be the last kokeshi doll version I will design for now. Kokeshi Doll v1 used two squares (which is not bad, but it can be hard to balance the head), Kokeshi Doll v2 was one square but inefficient, and Kokeshi Doll v3 was efficient but lacked shaping possibilities. Kokeshi Doll v4 is slightly less efficient than v3 but has more straightforward reference points and possible variations. Unfortunately, the center area can be a little tricky to collapse.

The crease pattern for v4 is the most similar to that of Kokeshi Doll v2. I had always thought that the center area of v2 was too bulky, and it included excess paper flaps. The result of stripping away that excess is this v4 model.

I think this model looks best if folded using paper with a radial color gradient from the bottom corner. Doing so emphasizes the separation between the body and the head.