Mooncake (Whole) v1

(Traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival)

DesignedMay 2020
Crease PatternYes

This model was in my WIP pile for a long time until I finally got a good idea for rendering mooncakes in origami. Since many traditional mooncakes are round with scalloped edges and are topped with floral designs, I wanted to include these details.

I initially thought of using an octagonal prism as a base. However, doing so would have omitted those scalloped edges. The final model is essentially a 12-pointed star prism where the points are curved during shaping. Folded edges form petal-like divisions on the top. The extra paper overlap to form a square in the center, where words are often written in real-life mooncakes.

Due to the radial symmetry, the model is stable even when dry folded from regular kami paper.