About Michelle

My earliest paper folding memories are of the boats and airplanes that my dad taught me to fold out of tea bag envelopes during my preschool days. I received my first origami book in elementary school - a Page-A-Day calendar full of simple origami models that my mom bought for me. I never finished folding everything in it, but I was interested enough that I often gifted friends and families with models from the book (traditional cranes, frogs, lilies, etc.) for the next few years. I folded on and off and bought a few more origami books throughout middle school and high school, but nothing much harder than that first origami calendar book.

I went on to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for my undergraduate studies. There, I learned of the amazing progress of modern origami and my interest in origami returned. I joined OrigaMIT, MIT's origami club, during my freshman year and was publicity chair of the club for most of my four years at MIT. I was fascinated by the detailed and beautiful models that other people had created using new origami design techniques. I clumsily designed my first origami model in 2010, and refined my design style with every new model that I created since then, even after graduating and leaving OrigaMIT.

I now see origami as both an engineering challenge and a form of artistic expression. I plan to fold paper, design origami models, and share my enthusiasm for origami with many more people for a long time.

Michelle Fung
Sep 4, 2016