Angel v1

DesignedDec 2020
Crease PatternYes

A long time ago, someone on the origami mailing list requested a moderately complex, flat angel model. Since I like designing flat models (because they're easy to store and an interesting challenge), I added designing a flat angel model (with color-change) to my list of models to design.

It is possible to fold this model from a square, for which the extra corner can be turned into a disk-shaped halo. However, I chose not to do that for this model because that would have made the model bulkier. The hair can become long or short depending on the layer ordering.

I had a specific idea for how I wanted this model to look. This version is closer than my previous attempts, but it requires a larger starting paper size than ideal. The wings are also floppier than I like. Angel v2 is a more efficient version of this model.

This model has irregular reference points, and I prefer finding them with a ruler when folding this model.