GD Robot (Head) v1

DesignedMar 2021
Crease PatternYes

In the early stages of this model's design, I was stumped because I couldn't think of a good way to form the V-shaped antennas. But, once I did come up with a good structure, the rest of the model took form quickly.

Starting with a bird base for the V-shaped antennas was the obvious starting point since it had the right number of flaps in the right orientation. But, with a basic bird base the antennas would have been too short and the center too big. In the end, I went with a modified bird base for the antennas. The final structure was a winner because it had good proportions, had easy reference points, and flowed well into forming the other features in the model.

This model is a good example of one of my design processes. I started with the most troublesome to design feature in one corner first (the V-shaped antennas), and then grafted on more paper to create the rest of the model.

I really like the appearance of the top half of the model (especially the V-shaped antennas), but I think the vents (the 2 short lines) in the mouth area could look more defined.