Rocky the Yellowjacket

(University of Rochester's Mascot)

DesignedOct 2013
Crease PatternYes
InspirationReference - Rocky the Yellowjacket

Rocky the Yellowjacket is the mascot for University of Rochester. This was an exercise for me to move away from the box-pleating design techniques that I had grown to become dependent on and to practice using 22.5 degree angles with more color-change techniques. For me, box-pleating is more intuitive to apply, but 22.5 degree angle designs enable more efficient paper usage in addition to simpler folding sequences.

The paper was prepared by backcoating one sheet of yellow mulberry paper and one sheet of blue mulberry paper together to form one double colored sheet. The model itself took me 3 months to design and several hours to fold, including shaping. For this model, I put a great deal of thought into using the paper efficiently and expressing the distinguishing features of Rocky: large eyes, a firm jaw, two large wings, striped abdomen, antennas, sharp mouth, wide chest, and bulky arms. Though it's not obvious in the pictures, in the final model each fist actually has five separate fingers.

I used folding techniques to flip the paper at the appropriate locations so that each feature was the appropriate color, e.g. blue arms and eyes, yellow face and chest, etc. This involved placing features that were different colors (e.g. eyes and face) on the edge of the paper, and features that were the same color (e.g. face and chest) next to each other near the center of the paper during the design phase. I'm quite happy with the way the head came out, especially since that was the part of the design that I struggled with the most. However, I do wish I had allocated enough paper to the arms in the design so that the fists were bigger relative to the rest of the body.

I later refolded this model in July 2015, with simpler shaping and no fingers using a 12 inch square sheet of yellow/blue duo kami paper.