Sailor Uniform v2

DesignedAug 2014
Crease PatternYes

Sailor Uniform v2 has a bigger and nicer looking front bow than Sailor Uniform v1, at the expense of a slightly shorter torso. The reference points for the creases are also nicer and more consistent. In v2, the skirt is double layered so that legs can fit into the paper pocket. Unlike v1, v2 has the back bow as well. The ends of the bow can be lifted and repositioned.

I was very happy with how the bows came out, and they are easily my favorite features in this model. They were also the reason that this model was difficult to design, as I had to come up with ways to fold the bows so that they are large and a different color from the torso. The front and back bows are folded different, since they come from different parts of the paper.