Teddy Bear v2

DesignedMay 2019
Crease PatternYes

I designed this model by grafting paper onto my Teddy Bear v1 model. More specifically, I added paper to the two sides and bottom of v1's crease pattern and moved some features (such as the eyes) up. This left more paper at the bottom to create a full-sized body that is proportional to the head and also has a properly color-changed backside. I utilized the previously unused paper near the center to form the nose so that both of the two top corners are free to form details around the ear. The ears themselves are shaped differently now with a process involving multiple sink folds. This is more complicated compared to the previous process of simply folding over the ear paper, but the new end result is neater.

I created two variations using this teddy bear head placement: a bride and groom pair. The bodies are shaped differently for both, but use the same paper allocation.