Big Totoro v1

DesignedApr 2015
Crease PatternYes
InspirationReference - Big Totoro v1

There are 3 Totoros - big, middle, and little. I designed all three, and this model represents the big Totoro. I wanted to capture the large Totoro with his big smile and leaf hat.

I folded this model twice. The first time, I used one uncut square of ~15-inch (39 cm) Origamido paper (gray on one side, pink on the other). The color combination (pink and gray) looked a little strange, but the gray/pink paper was the best combination available to me at the time. The altered photo below shows how the same model looks if folded from gray and white paper.

I refolded this model the second time with 20-inch gray and white kami paper. The 20-inch sheet was four 10-inch squares taped together to form a single square since I didn't have any gray and white paper that was big enough. Again, using the right colors makes the model look more natural.

I had also designed an umbrella as a prop to accompany this Totoro model.