Sailor Soldier v1

DesignedSep 2014
Crease PatternYes
InspirationReference - Sailor Soldier v1

During the 2014 OrigamiUSA Convention, a kind fellow convention attendee gave me a multi-piece origami pin of Sailor Moon's uniform after I recognized the reference at a glance. I watched Sailor Moon when I was young. Hearing about the reboot of the anime series stirred my nostalgia, and I decided to design a set of Sailor Moon-themed origami models. I set additional restrictions for myself, including using as few sheets of paper as possible, applying the 22.5-degree angle design approach instead of the box-pleating design approach, making the models as accurate as possible via color change folding techniques, and more.

When creating the individual pieces, I tried to ensure they were sized proportionately. In addition, I designed the parts to lock together even without tape (though some locks are more secure than others).

The design of the gifted pin itself was attributed to various designers ("Models by various") on the back and resembled those created and sold by Danette Ball on Etsy.

The set of figures that I designed features five different Sailor Soldiers: 1) Moon, 2) Mars, 3) Jupiter, 4) Venus, and 5) Mercury. Each figure is folded from four equal-sized squares of paper: 1) head + hair, 2) torso/uniform, 3) both arms, and 4) both legs. I was happy that I managed to take what previously took five sheets of paper to represent (the uniform with a bow pin that I was given) and reproduce it with even more details using a single square of paper.