Big Totoro v2

DesignedFeb 2016
Crease PatternYes
InspirationReference - Big Totoro v2

I redesigned my previous big Totoro (Big Totoro v1) model. I thought my previous version didn't look like Totoro enough, so I tried to remedy that with this new version. The most significant change is in the head. The new ear structure that I came up with dictated the design of this model's face. The ears are longer and easier to shape. The eyes have centered pupils and are spaced farther apart. I eliminated the excess paper that formed the leaf hat in the previous version and added more paper flaps in the chest area to represent the arrow markings on Totoro's chest. Finally, I partially recycled the tail design from the v1 model, but with some modifications.

I updated my umbrella model (now Umbrella v1.5) to match this new Totoro model.