Origamist v1

DesignedJun 2020
Crease PatternYes

This model is a simplified self-portrait, but my real-life hair is slightly shorter. It's also missing glasses.

This model has been in my WIP pile for a long time, and I'm glad to create a finished version finally. The hardest part was preventing the color-changed samurai hat from using too much paper. The hat is visually the same as the traditional version but structurally different. Also, depicting a t-shirt was surprisingly challenging.

About the creation process, I designed the hat portion first. I then grafted enough paper for the head, then again for the arms, body, and legs, in that order. The structure and proportions, especially of the leg part, were inspired by my Goku v1 model.

I originally wanted to include cranes in the hands and a crane on the t-shirt, but that would have made the model more complex. I do like the current efficiency level of the model (the final height is ~50% of the paper's side length), but I might try adding those details in an updated version of the model.