Star Prism Box v1

DesignedMay 2020
Crease PatternYes

The notation is | (number of points in the star) / (spacing between connected points) |.

After designing a star prism model, I found that the previous method didn't work well for a regular 5-pointed star. Realigning the sides and layers allows these closed prism shapes, but since the end flaps are long, they are twisted externally instead of tucked inside. Additionally, while the internal layers cut off the storage space in the points of the star prism model (reducing its usefulness as a box), the inner layers are aligned to the sides in the star prism box model.

I tried three variations: |5/2|, |6/2|, and |8/3|.

More variations with different point counts and spacing are possible. The twist fold pleats narrow as the point count increases or the point spacing decreases. The ones I tried have fewer points and are thus quicker to fold. When folding this model, avoid unnecessary creases as much as possible - especially on the bottom, since extraneous creases weaken the rigidity of the box. A clean twist fold collapse is also ideal.

Since these models are so geometric, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else has designed something similar already, but I couldn't find any one-piece, fully closed origami star prism or star prism box models from searching online.