Ribbon Kitty v2

(Ribbon Kitty says "Hi!")

DesignedNov 2020
Crease PatternYes

Whereas I started designing v1 from the bow, I began v2 with the ears since the v1 ears wasted so much paper. In v2, I tried to replicate the shape of the ears and head using less paper. The remainder forms the rest of the body and bow.

I always thought v1 was too inefficient, so v2 was my attempt at a more efficient version. Although the final model height to starting paper side length ratio is higher (~0.45 now vs. ~0.37 before) and the paper layers are less thick around the middle, there is still room for improvement. The head shape looks a bit off, the lower body is too small compared to the head, and the bow is not as neat as in the previous version.

I later designed Ribbon Kitty v3, which addresses these flaws, and is what I consider a visual improvement over v2.