Ribbon Kitty v3

(Ribbon Kitty says "Hi!")

DesignedNov 2020
Crease PatternYes

The ratio of this v3 model's final height to the starting paper side length is now ~0.53. This model is much more efficient than v1 (~0.37) and v2 (~0.45).

The photo with three models shows the increased efficiency of v3 compared to v1. In that photo, the final model sizes of v1 (left) and the big v3 (center) are around the same, even though the starting paper sizes are so different (v1: 13.8 inch/35 cm, big v3: 9.4 inch/24 cm). Moreover, v3 is foldable from standard 6 inch (15 cm) origami paper (small v3, right in the photo).

The ears in v2 and v3 are the same, but the sides of the head are angled in v3. In addition, I allocated more paper to the body in v3 and thought of a better-looking way to depict the bow.

Even though v3 has fewer potential variations than v1, I prefer the efficiency and clean look of v3.