GD Cat Robot (Head) v1

DesignedMar 2021
Crease PatternYes

I designed this model by combining features from my Ribbon Kitty v3 and GD Robot (Head) v1 models. Actually, it's more accurate to say that I designed those two models specifically in preparation for this model. This model has the same ears as Ribbon Kitty v3 and an enlarged version of the V-shaped antennas from GD Robot v1. This is also visible in the crease patterns for all the models.

Aside from the bow being a little small and the extra layers around the nose, I think this model turned out pretty well.

This model has a small opening in the bottom of the model. I intentionally incorporated this pocket as a connection point for the neck of a body origami model to slide into, in order to form a full GD Cat Robot model with a head and a body.