Star Prism v1

DesignedMay 2020
Crease PatternYes

The notation is | (number of points in the star) / (spacing between connected points) |.

In order to create my Mooncake (Whole) v1 model, I needed a star prism shape. I used a 12-pointed star for my mooncake, and these variations resulted from applying the structure to stars with different numbers of points.

I tried three different variations: |6/2|, |7/2|, and |8/2|. These three variations are stable, even when folded from springy wrapping paper.

Theoretically, more variations with different point counts are possible. However, 6 points is the lower limit possible for this structure. Any lower and the center twist fold becomes bigger than the bounding star polygon shape. Conversely, there is no theoretically upper limit, but there is a practical limit since the twist fold pleats become narrower as the number of points increase. I only tried variations where point spacing = 2. Different spacing may be possible, but the structure will need to change.

Since these models are so geometric, I wouldn't be surprised if someone else has designed something similar already, but I couldn't find any one piece, fully closed origami star prism or star prism box models from searching online.