Crease Patterns

All of these crease patterns are my original designs and are flat-foldable unless stated otherwise. For most of them, red lines = mountain fold and blue lines = valley fold when the folder faces the white side of the paper. Each crease pattern only shows the structure of a model's base, without details or shaping.

Higher resolution versions of these crease patterns are available on my Flickr page in this album.

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Mooncake (Quarter) v1Mooncake (Whole) v1MF Logo v1Heart in a House (Freestanding) v3Heart in a House (Freestanding) v2Heart in a House (Freestanding) v1Heart in a House (Flat)Kokeshi Doll v4Amabie v1Big-Eared Mouse v1Cross Mouth Rabbit v1Kokeshi Doll v3Teddy Bear v2Teddy Bear v2Ballerina v1Multi-Level Box v1Multi-Level Box v1Female Wonder v1 (Upper Body)Female Wonder v1 (Lower Body)Umbrella v1.8Hillary's 2016 Logo v1Great Dome v1.1Kokeshi Doll v2Panda v1