Crease Patterns

All of these crease patterns are my original designs and are flat-foldable unless stated otherwise. For most of them, red lines = mountain fold and blue lines = valley fold when the folder faces the white side of the paper. Each crease pattern only shows the structure of a model's base, without details or shaping.

Higher resolution versions of these crease patterns are available on my Flickr page in this album.

113 Crease Patterns (Page 4 of 5)

Teddy Bear v1Ribbon Kitty v1Rabbit Head v2Kokeshi Doll (Lower Body)Short-Haired Person (Face) v2Short-Haired Person (Face) v1VersusCaped Hero (Upper Body)Caped Hero (Lower Body)Groucho Glasses v2Middle Totoro v2Single Leaf v2Dicot SproutUmbrella v1.5Big Totoro v2Happy SnowmanGoku v1Middle Totoro v1Single Leaf v1Little Totoro v1Awareness Ribbon Angel v2Umbrella v1Big Totoro v1Sailor Arms v1