Little Totoro v1

DesignedApr 2015
Crease PatternYes
InspirationReference - Little Totoro v1

There are 3 Totoros - big, middle, and little. I designed all three, and this model represents the little Totoro. This model's base is very similar to big Totoro's (Big Totoro v1) base. Differences in execution include that I don't form the smile or the leaf hat here, and the flaps previously used for the arms now form the ears. Of the three Totoros that I designed, I think this one is the cleanest and cutest.

I had also designed a leaf as a prop to accompany this Totoro model.

UPDATE: In 2016, I redesigned most of my Totoro-themed models, except for this Little Totoro model. The new models are Big Totoro v2, Middle Totoro v2, Umbrella v1.5, Single Leaf v2, and Dicot Sprout.