Sailor Soldier v1.7

DesignedNov 2021
Crease PatternYes

During a 2015 origami convention, I promised someone I would design Pluto. This version results from updating my Sailor Soldier v1 model to create a figure that used paper more efficiently. In addition to Pluto, I also designed Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Sailor Soldier (Mini) v1.

I designed the parts of this model so that they can lock together even without glue or tape. However, adhesive on the back flap of the uniform collar would secure the arms better.

Like v1, each figure is folded from four uncut squares of paper: 1) head + short, medium, or long hair, 2) torso/uniform, 3) both arms, and 4) both legs. Unlike in v1, the parts are folded using various sizes of paper. The head, uniform, and arms models are more efficient now, and the legs are the same as before.

Among the four parts that comprise Sailor Soldier v1.7, designing the heads with different hairstyles took the most time.